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“A brief note to say thank you. This has been such a positive experience”

Padraig. O’F., Dublin

“Switching to Hearing Healthcare has made a significant improvement to many aspects of my hearing loss”

Fintan K., Laois

“I am very glad I took the decision to consult a new hearing aid audiologist”

Sonda d’A., France

“I found that Mr Paul Hussey from Hearing Healthcare Ireland was the most helpful”

Graeme C., Australia

“Professional, knowledgeable, very impressive on the technicalities of hearing loss, and best of all, very consultative and customer friendly”

Julian V., Dublin

“I am a customer of Hearing Healthcare Ireland for over 45 years and I will continue to be a loyal customer for many more years to come”

Paul S., Wicklow

“Hearing aids are very expensive and need quite a bit of tweaking before they will work well for you, you need someone that really cares about his patients, and Hearing Healthcare is a secure choice”

Luigi A., Dublin

“They are both innovative and proactive in liaising with clients with regard to developments within the hearing-aid space and in related fields, such as the on-going research into tinnitus. I have personally benefitted to a great extent in relation to this area”

Shane M., Dublin

“At times it is almost embarrassing how much time and effort he will give to working out solutions or listening to expand his own knowledge. I am always delighted with his service”

Barry C., Dublin

“I was recommended to Hearing Healthcare by my consultant. I found the service excellent, very professional and the after sales support was a great help”

Derry H., Dublin

“I am more confident than ever, hearing better at work, at my studies with TV and theatre. Thank you very much for everything”

Goreti F., Dublin/Brazil

“I would certainly recommend visiting Paul if you are looking for a genuinely friendly, professional and (most important for me) honest service”

Remo C., Wicklow

“I am 32 years old and have been wearing hearing devices for more than 20 years now.”

Benjamin A., Dublin

Welcome to Hearing Healthcare Ireland


At Hearing Healthcare our passion is to enjoy life to the fullest.

Established since 1972, Hearing Healthcare is Ireland’s leading independent Family-run private Practice that services the whole of Ireland, in particular the Leinster and Dublin regions. 

As one of the longest established hearing healthcare practices in Ireland we have built our long-term customer relationships on trust and we pride ourselves in our expert knowledge, experience and individual service with each customer; our extensive choice of quality products (DIGITAL HEARING AIDS and CUSTOM EAR-MOULDS) and services for people and COMPANIES concerned about hearing; our very experienced and reliable after-sales care; and our warm and friendly atmosphere.

We work to always be at our highest potential, by making sure we are constantly educating ourselves on the newest research studies and state of art technology.

Whatever your passion is, whether active or social, seeking adventure or learning, or spending time with family and friends, we want to help you live life to the fullest.

Love your Hearing!

“Audiologist of the Year 2017 Commendation”



 Hearing Healthcare Ireland


We provide Hearing Solutions across three lifestyle areas:


Digital Hearing Aids & Listening Devices

We are a fully independent supplier of Digital Hearing aids from the World’s leading manufacturers.

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Hearing Healthcare Ireland Ltd.

60 Capel Street,  Dublin 1

Phone: 01-8726893

Email: info@hearing.ie

"Audiologist of the Year 2017 - Certificate of Commendation"

Family Practice established since 1972

Registered with Treatment Benefit, Social Welfare Dept.

Members of ISHAA

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