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Motorcycles are hazardous to your hearing! Think of your ears next time you go cruising on your motorbike. The roar of the engine and the wind noise rival the noise of a rock concert or a chainsaw, and your helmet offers no protection for your ears. A group of scientists revved up 33 different motorcycles and recorded the noise levels. Nearly half of them produced sound levels above 100 dB.  “Almost all of the motorcycles we tested reached action-level noise, which in the workplace would require ear protection,” stated Joy Colle, an audiologist and researcher. Exposure to noise in excess of 100 dB is safe for only 15 minutes.

Our ProtectHear moulds are custom made from extra-soft silicone materials and have a vented channel for long term comfort and to allow in sound form built-in helmet speakers. They fill the full ear, are washable and hygienic.

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