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Social Welfare Grants for Hearing Aids

The Department of Social and Family Affairs operates the Treatment Benefit Scheme, under which grants for hearing aids are obtainable. Qualifying patients and their dependent spouses who have full PRSI cover may obtain a grant towards the cost of a hearing aid.

This would also include Self-Employed, full contributory pensioners, invalidity pensioners, those on disability benefit and their dependent spouses. (Conditions apply)

  • If one hearing aid is required, the grant is 50% of the purchase price of the hearing aid – up to a maximum of €500.
  • If two hearing aids are required, the grant is 50% of the purchase price of the hearing aid – up to a maximum of €1000.
  • The grant will also cover 50% of the repair cost of a hearing aid.
  • The grant for the purchase of hearing aids is available once every 4 years.

Application Process

As a registered panel member of the Department’s Treatment Benefit Scheme, Hearing Healthcare will complete all the necessary application forms and process this grant on your behalf, which normally takes around 2 weeks.

If successful, you will receive a form which you must then get your Doctor to sign. You must bring this form with you when you are having your hearing aid fitting and collection. We then complete the processing of the application to the Department upon which they will reimburse the grant directly to us.

You can also contact the Department directly yourself to find out if you, or your spouse, qualify for the grant. Ring 074 9164480 and be sure to have the insured person’s PPS number and date of birth.

Medical Card Holders

Medical Card Holders, who also qualify under the PRSI hearing aid grant scheme, can avail of superior quality hearing aids and after-sales care by dealing with a private hearing aid dispenser such as Hearing Healthcare Ireland.

The Social Welfare hearing aid grant is available both to qualifying non-medical card and medical card holders when obtaining a hearing aid privately. Please contact our office for further details on 01-8726893.

Tax Relief

Hearing aids are fully deductible against income tax (presently at the lower tax rate level).


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