Degrees of Hearing Loss

Degrees or Levels of Hearing Loss

We can measure our hearing by having a proper hearing test (Audiogram) carried out. This is done by a qualified professional using certified and calibrated equipment. The result is shown or displayed on a graph. The Audiogram measures two things:

  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Sound Level (dB)

Our hearing is categorised into bands of how well we hear. These are as follows:

We will help explain your hearing test results and for you to better understand your particular hearing complaints – why some sounds are louder than others, why you can hear certain voices better, why you think people are mumbling (when they are not), why you hear ambient noises and not speech.

We will also be able to tell you if a hearing aid is suitable or not. In fact, some hearing losses can be treatable and may need to be seen by a Doctor or ENT Consultant (Ear Specialist).


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