Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Overview of Responsibilities

Regulation 129 (of the Gen. App. Regs. 2007) states that the employer must supply sufficient numbers of suitable ear protectors, consulting with the workers regarding suitability and adequacy of the type chosen. Ear protectors are only suitable and adequate, if and when properly worn; and when they will reduce the level of noise experienced by the employee to a level below 85 dBA. Part of the necessary training will be to ensure that workers know exactly how and when to use the ear protection chosen.

Once a Noise Assessment has been carried out, those employees identified as being exposed to high noise levels should have their hearing evaluated with a comprehensive Audiometric Screening Programme. Proper hearing protection should be provided where appropriate, warning signs should be posted, and educate / train all concerned.

Hearing Healthcare Ireland supplies and highly recommends the use of individually moulded ear plugs.

Advantages of Moulded Ear Plugs:

  • Individually moulded to fit each person’s ears giving superior performance
  • Special filter to allow speech to be heard in moderate noise levels
  • Hygienic, non-allergenic soft silicone material providing maximum comfort
  • Excellent protection from high noise levels
  • More cost-effective than disposable plugs
  • Can also be worn underneath ear muffs, helmets or eye protection.


Please see below for a list of our current range of custom-moulded Ear Plugs specifically for occupational / industrial purposes.

Compact Flexcomfort

Custom made soft silicone ear-moulds with a choice of appropriate “filters”, giving an ideal combination of maximum comfort and the best possible protection against noise.

Ideal for: working environment and leisure pursuits, e.g. shooting

Full-Ear Moulds

ProtectHear inserts are “full-ear” custom moulded soft silicone earpieces. Each pair is manufactured using specially formulated softer medical grade silicone to offer the highest degree to comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. Available in yellow, beige, blue and transparent colours. CE marked & tested to EN 352-2: 1993

Ideal for: Working, Shooting, Motorsports

Click on the video below to find out more about the manufacturing process of our custom-moulded ear plugs