Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Noise in the Workplace

Motor Sports


Music Ear Moulds

ER 9, 15, 25

Musicians, Singers, Bands, DJs, Sound Engineers, Concerts Goers, Clubbers

Custom soft silicone earplug with flat attenuation for anyone who wants to maintain hi-fidelity and/or speech.

Love your Music? Then make sure you protect and Love your Hearing!

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Shooting Ear Moulds

CENS – Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors

Shooters, Hunters, Clay Pigeon, Rifle, Shotgun, Handguns

Full Ear custom moulds with Active Noise Suppression for the ultimate experience

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Working Ear Moulds


Workers, Factories, Construction, DIY enthusiasts

Custom made soft silicone filtered protection giving an ideal combination of maximum comfort and the best possible protection against noise. Individually moulded with choice of attenuation filters and hi-viz colours

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Motorsports Ear Moulds


Motorsports, Bikers, Racing Cars, Go Karts

Full Ear custom vented moulds made with extra soft medical grade silicone for comfort and protection.

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Sleeping Ear Moulds


Sleeping, Travel, Snoring, Shift Workers, Hyperacusis

Moulded Earplugs for sleeping and relaxation

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Swimming Ear Moulds

Swim Moulds

Swimmers, Surfers, Kayakers, Gromets, Otitis

Full Ear custom moulds to help block out water and keep ears dry

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Watch how your ear-impressions are taken.

Your ear-impressions are taken in our clinic by one of our experienced professionals. This takes about 10 minutes.

Watch how your custom ear-moulds are made.

Your ear-impressions are then sent to a lab to be custom-made and are ready in about two to three weeks.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is Permanent BUT Preventable!

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What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

A noise-induced hearing loss is a permanent hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of noise.  The hearing deteriorates gradually from the noise exposure.

Excessive noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

When you have a noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), the hair cells in your inner ear have been damaged by the exposure to noise. The hair cells’ ability to pick-up and transmit sound to the brain is therefore reduced. A noise-induced hearing loss is therefore a type of sensorineural hearing loss.

What causes noise-induced hearing loss/NIHL?

Noise induced hearing loss is caused by exposure to excessively loud noise for longer periods e.g. in the workplace or listening to loud music at concerts or on your smart phone or it may be caused by acute, high intensity noise such as gunshots, air horns or fireworks.

Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss

You can prevent a noise induced hearing loss/NIHL by turning down the volume, reducing the time you are exposed to the loud noise and/or using hearing protection.

Cure for noise-induced hearing loss

Many ask: Can noise induced hearing loss be reversed or is there a cure for noise-induced hearing loss. Unfortunately not. Once the hair cells in the inner ear have been damaged by noise exposure, they cannot be restored. But noise-induced hearing loss can be treated.

Treatment of noise-Induced hearing loss

How do you treat noise induced hearing loss/NIHL? Normally, noise induced hearing loss is treated with the use of hearing aids.


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