Audiometric Hearing Tests

Regulation 131 (of the Gen. App. Regs 2007) states that the employer must make the necessary arrangements for workers to have hearing checks (Audiometric Screening Tests) carried out.

Hearing Healthcare will provide a fully qualified and trained professional to test and examine the hearing of each employee. Each test includes an otoscopic examination of the outer ears, a brief history relative to hearing, and a pure-tone audiometric hearing test. The results are then classified and categorised as per the HSA’s Guidelines For Audiometry. A summary list of the test results is then sent to the company for further processing. One copy of the individual reports (audiograms) can be sent to the company doctor when requested.

All testing is carried out using the highest standard equipment, in ourMobile Testing Unit. The unit is positioned “on-site” for the duration of the testing. All shift patterns can be catered for and the complete examination time is approximately 10 – 12 minutes (max) per person. The unit is fully fitted with an audiometric testing booth and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Who should have hearing checks, and when?

  1. Before exposing employees to a work environment where high noise levels are the norm, an initial test should be carried out to establish their current hearing ability.
  2. A second test should be offered to the employee(s) within 12 months of the first test, and repeated thereafter at intervals not exceeding five years.
  3. Workers who are exposed to a noise level above 80 dBA (whether or not hearing protection is used) may have their hearing checked at their employer’s expense every two years. This must include an audiometric test – a test of hearing ability.

Please see our FAQ’s for further info on Audiometry, including regularity of testing.


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