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After-sales care comes first!


Our hearing can change gradually or dramatically and can be adversely effected over our lifetime!

Hearing aids also require essential care and maintenance, as well as on-going adjustments and fine-tuning. Therefore, it is essential that both you and your hearing aids are in expert hands. With extensive knowledge and experience over 45 years, we believe in making sure all our hearing care clients are looked after properly.

Getting a hearing aid is just the beginning, but it is the expert care and individual attention that makes us unique from everyone else. Our knowledge and experience comes from not only the initial consultation through to hearing aid fitting, but also from our specialist manufacturing training, hearing aid assembly and ear mould/impression taking skills.

We are able to attend to almost all routine concerns on the spot, with an extensive stock of components and spare parts for most makes of hearing aids. We also supply temporary hearing aids if your own instrument needs to be repaired or serviced.

After your digital hearing aids are first fitted, we schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and to further fine-tune them if necessary. This is a free aftercare service for the lifetime of the hearing aids which includes the following:


  • regular hearing checks
  • reprogramming of your hearing aids
  • update of software/firmware when available
  • general cleaning and service of your hearing aids which may include replacement of wax filters, cleaning the microphone ports, cleaning of the vent channels, checking the battery contacts, and replacement of any tubing and domes.

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